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Thursday, April 30, 2009


When I got back from lunch yesterday, I was surprised to find a group of people in my office, cake, punch, flowers, and a money tree!!! That was the coolest thing ever!!! Everyone from the MC Tech and Business Studies had chipped in for my surprise shower!! I just feel so blessed to be working with such generous people, not just people, my good friends at MC. It really meant a lot to me. Not only to me, to Kelly as well. Not only did we have a party with all the stuff that I mentioned, they also surprised me with the camera that I had selected from my Walmart registry!!! SO NICE!! Thank you so much to everyone at MC!!! I have a few pics that I took with my phone. Then, I have a few that other people took that I will post when I get them later.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For anyone who doesn't know their way around Stanton, here are some directions to get there that I hope are helpful!

Coming from Big Spring....To get to the shower, you exit onto I-20 W and take exit 158 to Stanton. It's the first exit into Stanton. It might even say "West Stanton"....can't remember exactly. Once you exit, you stay on that road. It turns into Highway 80 when you start coming into town. Then you turn right on St. Mary Street. You'll run into Broadway st. and you'll see the church. It's the First Baptist Church. It's yellow. It's right across the street from the courthouse. You can't miss it. It's right by downtown and it's just about in the center of Stanton. If you get turned around just call me and I'll try and help ya. You shouldn't have any problems though!

Coming from's the first exit to Stanton. Exit 154. Once you exit, you stay on that road. It's Highway 80. Then you turn left on St. Mary Street. You'll run into Broadway St. and you'll see the church. It's in the center of town across the street from the courthouse. Can't miss it!

Monday, April 6, 2009


HOLY MOE-LY!! I'm getting married in EXACTLY two months! I can't believe it! Can you? WOW!! I'm so excited!

Hmmm...what's going on now? Well, lets see...

April 18th - I'm taking my bridal portraits!
May 2nd - Bridal shower!
May 9th - More engagement pics!