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Monday, September 28, 2009


I've decided to start selling Avon to make some extra money. Thought I would give Avon a try and see what happens. Your business would be greatly appreciated! It's getting close to the holidays and Avon has some good gift ideas! Keeps you from having to go out and fight holiday crowds. You can order from me online or I can send you a brochure. Email me at and I'll give you the link to my page.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Kelly's birthday was on the 23rd. We went out to eat with some of his family and went to his Dad's place for cake and presents. There are more pictures on the album. Kelly is now 26 years old!! Old man! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This weekend was great! I spent all day Saturday in Stanton with my parents, Monica, and Lina!! I got to hold Lina a bunch! :) I even got to change a diaper. I even got spit up on! Haha! ;) That's ok! I guess I better get as much experience as I possibly can! I was never really around babies growing up so I'm a little clueless on what to expect. Even after just one day of hanging out with Lina, I think I have a better idea. A LOT OF WORK! I really enjoyed holding her and can't wait to see her again! I think I am starting to feel a little more comfortable when holding her. I just hadn't had much practice! She is just so active already. She is already holding her head up and smiling away. She's very aware and is only 2 months old! She's going to be very smart! I have more pictures on our web album. :)

Sunday morning Kelly and I made a quick trip to Ruidoso to meet his dad. We went horse back riding and ate some good food. :) It was a quick trip, but worth it. The weather was really nice. It rained and was a lot cooler than Midland. We came back Monday and had dinner with my family. We got to see Monica, Ryan, and Lina one more time before they went back home.