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Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, it's been too long since the last time I posted anything. So much has gone on between Thanksgiving and now. I'll start by blogging about Christmas and work my way up to the present. I apologize for anyone who has been keeping up with this blog. Not sure if anyone does, but hey, thought I would apologize anyway! Hope you didn't give up! Ha!

A week before Christmas, we moved into our new house! We had been looking for several months and finally found the perfect house. We knew it would be hectic moving in right before Christmas, but we enjoyed it anyway! I am so proud of Kelly for working so hard and being smart with his money. All that saving while we were in our old house paid off. Now, we have a beautiful home to raise our family in. I am so grateful! I love you, babe! :)

Christmas Eve, I went over to Stanton and spent it with my parents and other family. Kelly had to work on Christmas Eve. My Dad cooked a big Christmas Eve dinner! Prime rib, along with other stuff that was delicious!!! We visited and opened presents. We watched Lina open her first Christmas present and watched Ryan's dog, Bougues, open a present as well. It was hilarious! It was Bougues' 14th Christmas, so we figured he deserved to open his own. :)

Christmas morning, Kelly came home! We went over to his Dad's house first. We had lunch and opened presents. We got some really nice stuff and enjoyed hanging out there. Then, made our way to Stanton to hang out a little bit. Then, we went to Big Spring and spent the evening with Kelly's Mom's side of the family. We ate and opened presents. Kelly's Mom's side has a tradition that they call the "cheap bird award" that they give to someone every Christmas. This is given to someone in the family who has done well with their money all year and deserves to be recognized. We won this year! Of course, the award has something to do with a bird. We received a beautiful stained glass picture of birds. We won because we had saved up for our new house. It was really neat to get to be a part of the tradition and win! :)

Kelly was at work during New Years so I spent it with my parents in Stanton. We watched movies all evening and had wine! When there is wine, it's always a good time! ;)

I was off of work for two weeks during the holidays. I spent most of my time fixing up our new house. It was really nice being able to have all that time off! Especially, since we had moved. It gave me time to unpack and get things ready. I also had plenty of time to spend with family.

On January 28th, Kelly and I celebrated our 4th year together! We went out to eat and had a nice time.

Well, I think I got everyone just about caught up. I'll try and keep you updated from now on! I've posted a few pictures of Christmas on our photo album. Pictures of our new house are up, too. Happy New Year!