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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, I just mailed the last of the wedding invitations! Man, am I glad to be done with those! :) They were very fun to make, but after making 180 of them, it gets a little old. I hope everyone enjoys them. Rehearsal dinner invitations will follow shortly.


Looks like everything is falling into place! Almost everything is complete. Just a few things here and there. My main concern was getting those invitations done! Now, I can relax a little. Not for long though! ;) That's ok, I love doing this kinda stuff. Not long and I'll be Mrs. Wade!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, the date is set for May 2nd at the First Baptist Church Parlor in Stanton. I've just about finished registering for gifts. We're registered at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kathleen's in Stanton, and the Stanton Flower shop. The Walmart and Bed Bath registries are available to look at online.

Our wedding invitations will be sent out in the next week or so. Wow, time has flown by and I'll be married before I know it! CRAZY! I've just about got everything done! :)


Kelly that I posted these pics of him, but look! :) He sure can clean up, huh? LOL! He's so cute. I like him both ways. Hehe. His tux was a little short in the arms, but we've still got time to fix that.


GIRL!!!!! I can't believe it!! Ryan and Monica are having a little girl! That is just so exciting!!! They are calling her Lina! I don't have to call her "Baby Coggin" anymore. :) Little Lina. Lina is actually Monica's middle name. I think it's very pretty! They haven't decided on a middle name for her yet, but will soon! Here's a picture of HER. ;) Girls rule.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Well, took my phone down to AT&T and told them what was wrong. All they did was reset it and it was back to normal. I didn't know that if you held the top "power" button and the big button at the bottom down at the same time that it would reset your phone! Duh!! Who knew? ;) Anyway, it has been working great this weekend. Hopefully, I won't have anymore issues!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've been having trouble with my phone the past couple of months. It decided when it wanted to work. It always got better so I never got it fixed. Well, it finally decided not to work at all so if anyone is trying to reach me I've switched back to my old phone number. Luckily, my parents kept it. Sorry to anyone who has tried to reach me! If you don't have my old phone number you can email me at and I'll give it to you. I'm going to check to see what I'm going to have to do with my phone this weekend. It's an i-phone so I'll probably end up having to send it to Apple. Which stinks. Of course, I have to have the phone that messes up!!! I guess I'll probably end up having to keep my old phone for a while. Darn it!!! :(

Monday, March 2, 2009


On Saturday, Kelly's parents and I went to book the honeymoon! We're going to Paris!!!! We are SO SO excited and so grateful to Kelly's parents for allowing this to happen!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :)

We will be leaving the day after the wedding and will return the following Saturday. We're staying right in the center of Paris where all the action is! Our hotel is called Edouard VII. It looks SO nice! We have a couple of events booked. We will have a 2 day pass for the hop/on hop/off tour bus. This will take us to all the major sights whenever we like. We have a boat cruise, along with dinner, down the river at night. Paris is so beautiful at night! :) We have 4 day Museum passes to the most popular museums in Paris, and we will be traveling one day to Chateaux Country to look at some ancient castles!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!