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Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, we had the most amazing time in Paris. We have a ton of pictures to share with you. All the Paris you can handle! We are very excited to show everyone. I will hopefully have a couple of videos that we made for you to see soon. It's taking me a while to get everything together, but I'll get it soon enough! Enjoy!!

I'm sure you're wondering what we did the whole time? Well, we did A LOT of walking!! That was what we did most of our trip. We enjoyed just walking around and seeing the sights. We got lost a few times, but hey, it didn't matter! We were in Paris! :) We did lots and lots of window shopping. Everything was very expensive so we mostly looked. We did give in and got a few little things though. ;)

The food was amazing. When we decided we were hungry, we would walk around until we found a good looking place and stop and eat. They had restaurants and cafes everywhere! As you can see, we ate a lot of Escargot! It was fabulous! We were a little worried when they brought them out to us still inside the shell. We were used to them already being out of the shell so we had fun trying to get them out! Lots of meat and fries, yes fries. The French really do eat French fries! We had a little sea food as well. It was wonderful! We had some of the best homemade sandwiches for lunch. Kelly had a French hot dog and we also had the most delicious chicken Panini's. Just about everywhere we went, we had a glass of wine. The wine was wonderful! I also had a Late and it was really good!

We spent almost a whole day at the Louvre looking at all the famous art work. This is one of the biggest museums in the world, if not the biggest. You will see some pictures and I also have video footage to let you see just how huge it really is! The Mona Lisa is in this museum as well as the Venus de Milo. Sorry if I don't know what some of the pictures that I took were! Everything in the Louvre was in French, so at times, we didn't really know what we were looking at because nothing was in English inside the Louvre. Watch out for scammers if you ever visit the Louvre. There are people everywhere outside the Louvre trying to trick you and get money. Yeah, we fell for it the first time, but knew better when it happened again!

We went on a boat tour down the Seine River. This river runs straight through all the main sights from the Eiffel tower to the Notre Dame! We have video footage and pictures from this tour.

We went on a bus tour at night to see "the city of lights" at night! Beautiful! The Eiffel tower at night is the most beautiful sight in Paris! It twinkles with thousands of what looks like Christmas lights.

The weather was very nice! It was high 60's to low 70's the whole time we were there. It rained almost everyday. It wasn't a miserable rain though. It was a light rain on and off all day. Good thing I was prepared and packed small umbrellas that we could carry with us. It was pretty cloudy and dark the whole time. The sun came out a few times, but not very much. Kelly and I like that type of weather though so we enjoyed it!

Seeing all the different cultures and experiencing a whole different world together was a wonderful experience and we hope that we can do it again one day!! I think we saw as much as we could see in five days without rushing too much. We did explore a lot, but we did also relax as well. :) Hey, it was our honeymoon!!

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