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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


ONE MONTH AS OF TODAY!!! AHHHH!! Time is just flyin' by!! This past weekend was my shower in Stanton and it was really really .....perfect!!! It looked great and even better than I imagined! I'm working on getting some pics posted as soon as I can! My hostesses did a magnificent job on following my Paris theme!!! I got a lot of great stuff and thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts and to everyone who had a part in it!! Also, thank you to everyone who attended! It was nice to see you! I'll be getting busy writing Thank You notes this weekend!

After the shower, we went flower girl dress shopping. That was an experience! We had a few meltdowns, but I think little Roxy and Cypress really loved their dresses in the end. They each had their minds set on a certain color and when we told them that they weren't going to get to wear it, they weren't too happy about it! Ha!

Kelly and I are taking more engagement pics this Saturday!!! :)

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