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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've been having trouble with my phone the past couple of months. It decided when it wanted to work. It always got better so I never got it fixed. Well, it finally decided not to work at all so if anyone is trying to reach me I've switched back to my old phone number. Luckily, my parents kept it. Sorry to anyone who has tried to reach me! If you don't have my old phone number you can email me at and I'll give it to you. I'm going to check to see what I'm going to have to do with my phone this weekend. It's an i-phone so I'll probably end up having to send it to Apple. Which stinks. Of course, I have to have the phone that messes up!!! I guess I'll probably end up having to keep my old phone for a while. Darn it!!! :(

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