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Monday, March 2, 2009


On Saturday, Kelly's parents and I went to book the honeymoon! We're going to Paris!!!! We are SO SO excited and so grateful to Kelly's parents for allowing this to happen!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :)

We will be leaving the day after the wedding and will return the following Saturday. We're staying right in the center of Paris where all the action is! Our hotel is called Edouard VII. It looks SO nice! We have a couple of events booked. We will have a 2 day pass for the hop/on hop/off tour bus. This will take us to all the major sights whenever we like. We have a boat cruise, along with dinner, down the river at night. Paris is so beautiful at night! :) We have 4 day Museum passes to the most popular museums in Paris, and we will be traveling one day to Chateaux Country to look at some ancient castles!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

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