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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100 DAY MARK!!



This past weekend, My mom and I went to pick out flowers and decorations! It's going to be SO SO pretty!! Don't want to say much about how it will look, but keep in mind that my colors are tropical blue and black, my flowers are orange and pink, and my theme is still "Paris".

Then, we went and met with a photographer and booked her! I was really wanting my sister-in-law to take the pictures at the wedding, but she is in the ceremony and will be 8 months pregnant! Didn't think she would want to be walking around taking pictures all night! We don't want her to have the baby at the wedding now do we? HAHA! No stress for the future "Coggin Mommy"! That kind of stuff should only be happening to me on that day! ;) Hehe. Anyway, my sister-in-law did help me pick out a good one! Her name is Angela Free. Check out her web page and you'll see that she is pretty awesome and she was really a nice person to talk to! Very down to earth!

I'm finishing up invitations. I've decided that I will send them out around the beginning of April, but I did need a better head count for decoration purposes and will need to have a bridal shower list. I think there is going to be around 150 invitations sent out.

The Stanton paper lost the picture and write-up that I sent them, so just sent it to them again. I'm thinking they will have it in the paper soon enough. I have contacted the Big Spring paper about it and they have not responded. They put our write-up on their web page, but it was never put in the actual paper yet. We were in the Midland paper and their web site on Sunday, the 15th.

The bridal shower is being put together as we speak(or as I'm typing hehe). I have heard rumors of the date and place, but I'll post it when I know for sure. All I'll tell you right now is that it is going to be in Stanton and probably sometime in the month of May. Kelly and I have not registered anywhere yet, but thinking of registering soon when we are both off of work at the same time in Big Spring, Stanton, and Midland. Let you know on the places as soon as that gets done.

Hmmm...I think that's it right now!


chancyteach said...

Hey, Kelly! I saw your engagement in the Big Spring Herald today and I just wanted to congratulate you! I am always so happy to see my former students doing great things in their lives. Your fiance looks so cute. I hope the two of you have many happy, blessed years to come!!!

T. Blackshear said...

Hi Kelly and TJ,
My name is Terri Blackshear. I saw your announcement in the Big Spring Herald and would like to invite you to make your bridal selections at my store in Big Spring called T. Blackshear Interiors at 18th and Main. I have alot of unique things to decorate your home as well as serving pieces. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!