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Monday, October 27, 2008

My Birthday

My birthday started a little early this year. The girls at work took me to La Mission on Friday for lunch. They surprised me with a sopapilla and birthday song! It was a good time! Saturday the 25th was my birthday. Turned 24! Man, I'm old! I went and got my hair done. Pampered myself a little bit. :) Then, Kelly got home and we went and ate dinner at Carinos. He surprised me and told me that he was able to go to see the band play. He originally had to work, but had asked off a couple of weeks in advance to surprise me. It was sweet. After we ate, we drove to Big Spring to see the Mark McKinney band play at Howard College. It was good to see everyone, as always. They played a good show! After the show, we drove back to Stanton to my parents house and had cake and opened a few presents. Got some new shirts and some nice jewelry. Sunday, Kelly took me down to get all set up with AT&T. He bought me a new phone for my birthday! The iphone. It's AWESOME! I've got a new number now. If anyone doesn't have it, just email me and I'll let you know what it is. Sunday night, Kelly and I had dinner with his parents and brother at Chili's. We went back to Kelly's dads house and had some wine. It was fun! They got me a new bottle of wine for my birthday! Can't wait to try it. (I'm a wine-o!) :) I ended up having a really nice birthday.

2 comments: said...

Aww! Well I'm glad you ended up having a really good birthday! That was SO sweet of Kelly! I was even a little disappointed that he couldn't hang out on your birthday. You're making me sad! I really wanted to go down there this weekend.. maybe I should've just drove up there myself on Friday.. Oh well. You should come down next weekend with Mom and Dad :)

Stephanie said...

yay!! Glad u get to experience iPhone happiness too!